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Labor & Employment

In the trend of globalization nowadays, recruitment and management of labor are no longer be considered as "administrative and simple work". The concept of " multinational environment", "headhunting" appears more and more together with many legal issues arising. Quantity of disputes also increased, from services of recruitment and labor management (supply of human resources, payroll, compensation ...)  to the disputes between company’ s owners and hired management team such as CEOs, senior experts and other partners. 


It seems the depend on a set of "corporate regulation" (including the labor regulations, internal regulations, and even a bit more complicated rules such as corporate governance and commitment, Code business ethics, confidentiality agreement ...) is no longer an "ultimate weapon " for employers stay safe from risks of recruitment and labor management, and a bit too far to mention about the complexity of labor transnational, the diversity or legality of documents and regulations which were prepared by the personnel department of an enterprise.


At Lawlink Vietnam, we partner with our clients to ensure legal security “at your home” for you, so you can freely focus on challenges outdoor. Whoever you are, an employer, an employee or a service company in recruitment and labor management, we work with you for your safety. 


Here are some of the main works we undertake:

- Consulting and assisting you in drafting business management regulations, including but not limited to: corporate charter, internal management regulations; corporate management,  labor regulations and other rules and commitments;
- Consulting and assisting you in establishing and building legal frameworks in services of supplying manpower, searching and recruitment;
- Consulting and assisting you with legal procedures and requirements in relation to labor issues (for Vietnamese working overseas and foreigners working in Vietnam)
- Consulting and assisting you to get work permit, visa, residence card...
- Act on your behalf in labor disputes and litigations.


Persons in charge:

  • Ms. Thi Huyen, NGUYEN - Attorney
  • Mr. Van Anh,  PHAM - Attorney
  • Ms. Gianna Lee - Paralegal, Partner.
  • Email:  or call our hotline at:  +84 (8)22530067.

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