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Law on Education

We provide clients with the following services:


1. Consulting on:

- Establishment/mergers and acquisitions/adjustment/close and liquidation of an educational project/institution, university, school at all level (from kindergarten to high school);

- Investment in educations;

- All legal issues relating to operation and management of an education organization.


2. Preparing for:

-  Profile/application of an establishment, investment of liquidation of an educational project/institution/school/vocational college/university, includes but not limited to: charter of the company, investment proposal and financial feasibility, assessment of the economic efficiency and environmental impact...


3. Working closely with relevant authorities to ease processes of obtaining licenses for an investment project/establishment and/or operation of an educational organization.


4. Drafting and working on:

- All kind of contracts, agreements on design and construction, purchasing, outsourcing, cooperating, joint venture, franchising, labor...

- Acting on client's behalf/representing clients on dealing with third parties and in litigation and dispute resolutions. 


Contact us:

Ms. Tiffany VU - Attorney;

Ms. Thuy LE - Attorney, Managing Partner.


Email:; phone:  +84 (8)22530067


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