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Media & Entertainment

Along with the development of information technology, communication activities and entertainment in Vietnam with the participation of foreign investors in recent years has become more vibrant than ever. Legal issues arising from this area also increases with controversies, disputes and litigation related to business function, copyright and image, includes risky of facing administrative penalties and even criminal prosecution for violating laws and traditional customs. 


We have experience in assisting clients includes organizations and individuals active in media and entertainment; We assist investors to achieve necessary permits for investment and operation projects related to media and entertainment; We advice on issuing and launching new products in media and entertainment; We assist writers, composers, musicians and singers to protect their copyrights and images and help them to manage crisis in communication. 


Persons in charge:

Ms. Thi Thuy, LE - Attorney; Managing Partner;
Ms. Gianna Lee CYSIQUE - Senior Paralegal, Partner.

Email:  or call to our hotline at:  +84 (8)22530067.

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