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Immigration and Family Law

We offer clients - individuals and corporations -unrivalled service in connection with immigration and Vietnamese citizenship matters, and Vietnamese Family Law matters. For visitors to Vietnam visiting for business, study, vacation or seeking a permanent presence in Vietnam, we are able to assist with issues and applications relating to visas, extension of stays, marriage licenses, etc

Our Immigration and Family Law work includes the following:
• Advising and assisting Non-Vietnamese nationals and "Việt Kiều" on immigration matters including foreign work visas grants and extensions,  citizenship, passport and consulate procedures
• Advising and assisting Overseas Vietnamese in securing permission to return Vietnam including the procedures governing the grant of permission to return
• Advising and assisting Vietnamese nationals in connection with the procedures for recognition of Vietnamese nationality, naturalization in Vietnam of foreign nationals and stateless persons, renouncement of Vietnamese nationality, etc.
• Advising on procedure for general Family Law matters including securing legal recognition of children born out-of-wedlock, adoption, birth registration, marriage, and divorce proceedings in Vietnam and between Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese parties.


Persons in charge:

  • Ms. Gianna Lee C. – Senior Paralegal - Head of Canada A.O.
  • Ms. Kim Yen, HUYNH – Attorney - Head of the US A.O.
  • Ms. Thi Huyen, NGUYEN – Attorney

Email  or call to our hotline at:  +84 (8)22530067.

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