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Hanoi finds investors for 43 projects

HANOI - The government of Hanoi City is finding investors for 43 projects planned for implementation this year at a total cost of VND372.25 trillion (US$16.6 billion)

A new apartment project is introduced to customers in Hanoi. The government of Hanoi City is finding investors for 43 projects planned for implementation this year - PHOTO: VAN LY

Of the projects, the capital city needs a combined VND316.8 trillion for 10 projects to upgrade and build apartment buildings in Cau Giay, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung and Hoang Mai districts.

Four condo projects in Dong Da District are Khuong Thuong covering 3.2 hectares and worth VND6 trillion, Vinh Ho on 5.3 hectares with VND11 trillion, Kim Lien on 41 hectares with VND42.6 trillion and Trung Tu on 20 hectares with VND32.4 trillion.

Hanoi is also finding investors for three condo projects in Ba Dinh District, namely Ngoc Khanh on 24 hectares with VND47 trillion, Giang Vo on 28 hectares with VND30 trillion and Thanh Cong on 23 hectares with VND44 trillion.

The other three housing projects are Quynh Mai worth VND29 trillion on 17.4 hectares in Hai Ba Trung District, Tan Mai worth VND32 trillion on 18.7 hectares in Hoang Mai District and Nghia Tan worth VND42.8 trillion on 32 hectares in Cau Giay District.

There are 10 apartment projects used to be in a list of the 42 projects announced by Hanoi in end-February. They were constructed in 1980s and have been deteriorated. 

The remaining 33 projects in need of investments are in various sectors, including eleven park projects capitalized at VND36.8 trillion. Of the total, a sport-entertainment-eco tourism project covering 707 hectares in Thanh Tri District is worth VND12 trillion. 

Other big-ticket projects are Dong Mo tourism area capitalized at VND5 trillion on 264 hectares in Son Tay Township, followed by a recreation park worth VND4.8 trillion on 96 hectares in Ha Dong District and a theme park worth VND4 trillion on 200 hectares in Gia Lam and Long Bien districts.

There are two projects in the agricultural sector:  an orchid nursery-tourism area worth VND350 billion in Soc Son District and a hi-tech farming area worth VND150 billion in the same district.
The city is seeking investors for three industrial park projects with a combined investment of VND4.4 trillion, including Dong An hi-tech industrial park with VND4.4 trillion and Phu Tuc and Dai Thang industrial clusters valued at VND111 billion and VND91 billion respectively. 

Hanoi is calling for investments for five parking lots worth VND3 trillion, seven trade centers worth VND9.45 trillion and five commercial-service projects worth VND1.1 trillion.


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