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Open Positions for Vietnamese Lawyers and Paralegals.

We are not hiring, we are seeking for people with whom we build comprehensive relationship. Bellow are opportunities for you. Don't miss this chance to make a change that you won't be regret!

1. Lawyers who have deep insights of one of the following area:

- Corporate and M&A;

- Finance and Investment (In and out bound)

- Capital market and security;

- Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  Basic requirements:

- Experience: at least 5 years practising in the area you apply for. 

- Languages: Candidates should be fluently in one of the following languages: English, Japanese.

- Skills: capable to work in international business environment and with international clients. 

- Others: Specific requirments shall be defined according to the specific practising area you apply for. 

2. Paralegals: who are not lawyers but have been practising in legal professional and have at least 3 years of experience in one of the following areas:

- Corporate and M&A;

- Finance and Investment;

- Capital market and Security;

- Compliance and Risk Management;

- IP;

- Tax;

- Recruitment and Labour;

- Civil and Family law;

- Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Applications can be written in either Vietnamese or English and sent to:  

A short list of chosen candidates shall be invited for interviews. 


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