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HCM City enterprises need 26,000 recruits in March

HCM City (VNA) – Businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, the southern economic hub of Vietnam, need to recruit some 26,000 workers in March, according to the municipal Centre for Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labour Market Information (FALMI).

Job interview in Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: VNA)

Of the total, people holding university and college degrees account for 30 percent; those trained in vocational schools, 35 percent; and manual workers, 35 percent.

Most vacancies are available across the fields of information technology (IT), electromechanics, architecture-construction engineering, industrial electricity, garments-leather shoes, tourism-restaurant-hotel, economics-finance, import-export and medical and pharmaceutical sectors, said FALMI Deputy Director Tran Anh Tuan.

Job seekers in the month are expected to surge 20 percent from February, he said, adding that university and college graduates will have chances to get stable jobs thanks to increasing demands from enterprises.

The centre’s survey revealed that labour shortage in the city remains low at 3-4 percent after the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival. The city’s post-Tet recruitment demand is to serve the business operations in 2016.-VNA

by VNA

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