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Finland wants to promote cooperation in education, with Vietnam IT

Vietnam is a potential market and are attractive destinations of Finnish enterprises particularly in the field of education and media technology UUI (ICT).

(Saigon Times Online) - Vietnam is a potential market and are attractive destinations of Finnish enterprises particularly in the field of education and media technology UUI (ICT).
Mr. Ilkka-Pekka simila, Finnish Ambassador in Vietnam, such share at the seminar "Investment opportunities and tools to support trade connections Vietnam-Finland in the fields of education and technology communication-information "by Branch Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City (VCCI) in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland in Vietnam held this morning (20-10).

View seminar "Investment opportunities and tools to support trade connections Vietnam and Finland

in the field of education and communications technologies - information" this morning, 20-10. Photo: Nguyen Quyen


Mr. Ilkka-Pekka simila said Vietnam was and is a partner in the long term development of Finland. Currently there are about 75 Finnish companies doing business in Vietnam.
According to Pekka Ilkka- simila, Finland Educational background world's best science and technology are developed. Vietnam and Finland has to work together in the field of education and ICT. According to the ambassador, ICT is one of the focuses of activity, including many areas of e-government, network security to information applications and other intelligent solutions as the technology supports care health and learning.
Mr. Vo Tan Thanh, Vice President and Director of VCCI VCCI HCM City, said that in the context of Vietnam and the European Union is to enhance cooperation in all fields, especially when the process of negotiating an FTA Vietnam and EU completed on 4-8-2015 past, Finland is seen as a potential partner with many advantages that can complement Vietnam.
Regarding economic relations, total two-way trade turnover between Vietnam and Finland in 2014 reached nearly 263 million US dollars, up 14% over the same period last year, of which exports from Vietnam to Finland reached US $ 104.6 million, up 29.5% yoy, and imports from Finland to Vietnam reached over 158 million US dollars, up 5.8% from the same period last year.
In the first 8 months of 2015 the total bilateral trade between the two countries reached US $ 215.6 million, of which exports from Vietnam to Finland was 78 million US dollars. Vietnam mainly exports to Finland of products such as coffee, footwear, textiles, handicrafts, wood products, bicycle spare parts ..., and imports from Finland are mostly ICT goods - accounted for about 80% of imports - and all kinds of machinery and equipment.
Besides, in terms of investment, the signing of agreements on the promotion and protection of investments in 2008 was an important legal basis for promoting investment cooperation between the two countries. As of the date of 20-9-2015, Finland has invested in Vietnam 13 projects with total registered capital of 325 million US dollars. The Finnish project focuses on areas such as industrial glue manufacturing, garments, wood products and manufacturing of industrial machinery.
With the advantage development of education and information and communications technology, Finland is actively promoting cooperation in Vietnam in the field. About cooperation in education, now has over 500 students from Vietnam studying in Finland. Vietnam Most students attending the information technology industry and business administration.
Since 2006, Finland decided to give Vietnam is the only country in Asia to list sponsored Phase 2 program of educational exchanges North Male. It is the student exchange program, lecturer at university, graduate and doctoral levels with more diversity training. However, only some schools establish relations with Finland as the University of Hai Phong, Hue Medical University.


Nguyen Quyen


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