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Enterprises expect TPP will promote institutional change

Participation Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides enterprise expectations for Vietnam but the biggest expectations, according to speakers at the seminar shared "Building the Future" at 13-10, is to create a change management institutions of the State.

(Saigon Times Online) - Participation Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) provides enterprise expectations for Vietnam but the biggest expectations, according to speakers at the seminar shared "Building the Future" at 13-10, is to create a change management institutions of the State.
According to Bui Van, editor FBNC channels, institutional change will be most noticeable changes expectations. Mr. Van led to the statement of Mr. Vu Tien Loc, Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI), said that Vietnam, much less anybody, Vietnam is because institutional lag.
Other expectations, such as commodity price will be cheaper; import duty reduction; investment flows into more ... Mr. Van said that is not necessarily beneficial to the business. Specifically, according to Mr. Van analysis, if now in more, cheaper prices of goods that the economy is not absorbed, it can be a disaster to cause inflation; reduce the import tax revenues of the government fall, reducing this place must take compensation from elsewhere.

Please give us a brief advice in 10 places to prepare for the upcoming integration -

One guest made an offer to the speakers at the seminar - Photo: Duc Tam

Le Phuoc Vu, chairman of Hoa Sen Group that not only put pressure TPP reform state agencies, state enterprises, but also forced Vietnamese firms to change business thinking, its upgrade up. The fact that there are now serious business, but also many businesses cunning, smart lines, with the thought that they can not compete and survive as integration, Vu says.
So what is the motivation for the State management of institutional change, moving from management thinking to accompany and support the business?
Answering a question from a guest to attend the seminar, Luong Van Ly, a former deputy director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, said: "From the experience of 30 years working for state agencies, I personally think the change is very difficult. Challenges vary with the challenges large enterprises with large state also no less. "
However, Mr Li also said that joining the TPP, Vietnam will have to comply with these principles, the general game rules, including a law that allows any investor may sue the State is in a building international arbitration court if the State violated the principles set out; even a certain Mr provincial officials violated, then the state will be sued rather than officials in the province.
"With this pressure, I think certainly the State, like it or not, has to be modified, updated, given the sanctions with leading officials sued if not forever," Mr Li identified.
Opportunities for small businesses?
"The media says that TPP brings many opportunities and even greater opportunities for businesses, but 96% of Vietnam's small businesses and microenterprises, whether this opportunity for us?" Owning a small business concerns shared in the exchange between the speakers and entrepreneurs attended the seminar.
Answering this question, Vu Hoa Sen Corporation that markets are constantly shifting and always have the niche for small businesses. Take the example of the story of his company, Mr. Yu said that even in the morning 13-10, he reviewed a package of more than 10 billion bid, in a project that corporations are deploying Lotus, now winning is a small contractors by ensuring the technical criteria, the better price than the larger contractors.
From his experience, Mr. Vu reminds businesses do not exceed the profit emphasize from the outset; the good products, good service, bringing new value factor actually help businesses survive and sustainable development; chances are there but to turn opportunities into value, enterprises must try effort, creativity, sometimes dare to take risks to catch opportunities.
A practical example is that the story of Co. Ltd - Trade Mattresses Mousse Asia. Speaker Lam Ngoc Minh, general director of Asia, recalled that the first time the company is a handicraft production base in Vietnam squirming. "Then to see the products imported into Vietnam with better quality, better designs, we wonder why they do it, they do not get? These questions lead to action, we improve advanced product, and then gradually conquer partners, exports to foreign countries. And now Asia has exported products to 29 countries around the world. "
"The market is very large, so as the ocean, big fish, but many still have space for small fish to survive and grow," said Ming taking pictures analogy to fire additional sales representatives small and medium enterprises.
"Please give us a brief advice, only 10 digits, to be able to remember and apply immediately get," a business manager said last attended the seminar.
The offer was quickly met. Although joked that this is a difficult question but he remained cordial Le Phuoc Vu brief share of 10 words: Honesty, transparency, effort, creativity, adventure.
Following Vu Bui Van sending the correct 4 digits, that is: "link" and "do not wait". Specifically, Mr. Van Polaroid's case Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, for example. They also have many small businesses but again developed very well by now know interconnected via associations to jointly seek opportunities, technological innovation, he said.
About two letters do not wait, Mr Van emphasize elements of the business. "Take the initiative to seek information and identify opportunities for themselves. The easiest is through the advisory unit. Enterprises that wait until TPP was signed officially and publicly, at that time as everyone else, I do have a competitive advantage, "said Van analysis.
The seminar with the theme "Building the Future" program in 2030 by entrepreneur Festival Club Entrepreneur Day 2030 held 13-10 entrepreneurs Vietnam.


Duc Tam



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