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Many foreigners eager to buy homes in Vietnam, gov’t urged to clarify funding rules

  • While a new law allowing foreign ownership of property in Vietnam has aroused plenty of interest among foreigners, analysts are calling for greater clarity with regard to bank mortgages and sending money into Vietnam.
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Vietnamese tax agencies ordered to apologize for shaming wrong companies

  • One week after showing its toughness by naming and shaming 600 top defaulters around the country, the Ministry of Finance had to order its tax agencies to apologize to dozens of businesses which were mistakenly blacklisted.
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Prime Minister sets deadline for issuance of guiding documents

  • Under a recent official letter on the promulgation of documents detailing laws and ordinances, the Prime Minister requests ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies to submit guiding documents to the Government or Prime Minister for promulgation or promulgate them before September 15.
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Entry visas to be issued within five days

  • The Ministry of Public Security on July 6 issued Circular No. 31/2015/TT-BCA to guide the grant of visas, temporary residence cards, exit and entry permits and permanent residence status to foreigners.
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New policies to develop the pharmaceutical industry

  • The Ministry of Health has recently introduced a draft law on pharmacy which is expected to help address current shortcomings in management of drugs while boosting the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
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Government bans four kinds of e-commerce activities in effort to prevent fraud

  • The Government has specified four groups of activities banned in e-commerce under Decree 52/2013/ND-CP issued on May 16, which applies to traders and organisations and individuals engaged in e-commerce activities on Vietnamese territory
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More kindergartens, preschool classes to be built in industrial parks

  • The Prime Minister has recently issued a directive to address the issue of preschool education in industrial parks and export processing zones.
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Revised Penal Code restricts death penalty, increases non-jail sentences

  • The 1999 Penal Code would be revised in a way that it can better facilitate the full implementation of human rights and citizens rights enshrined in the 2013 Constitution.
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Good job: Vietnam to ease visa, work permit requirements for foreigners

  • Vietnam's officials have pledged to simplify administrative procedures involving foreign workers in the country, including relaxing work permit and visa requirements for them.
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Shaping new institutions on water governance for Vietnam

  • Situation of and challenges to the completion of the system of institutions on water governance in Vietnam in the process of international integration
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Policy digest March, 2015

Five-percent compensation for securities transaction payment delay

  • Five-percent compensation for securities transaction payment delay
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New regulation on salary payment

Nation strives to surpass ASEAN-6, keep pace with ASEAN-4

  • The Government on March 12 issued Resolution No...
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