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Customer Testimonials

Dear valued clients, We thank you very much for choosing Lawlink Vietnam as your trustworthy legal partner. To continuously improve our service and serve you greatly, we need your feedback on the service what we provide, how you appreciate it, what we need to to improve (if any) and how you like it to be improved. A few minutes you spend will be very useful for us to enhance our service. Thank you.

    “Tôi hoàn toàn yên tâm khi giao phó công việc cho Thuỷ và cộng sự của cô ấy. Ngoài năng lực chuyên môn, tôi hoàn toàn tin tưởng ở sự chỉn chu, trọn vẹn, tận tâm và cách ứng xử của cô ấy trong mọi tình huống. Sau hơn 30 năm đầu tư vào Việt Nam, có thể nói, tôi rất hài lòng với sự lựa chọn của tôi khi quyết định trao cho Thuỷ và Lawlink mọi công việc có liên quan đến pháp lý trong hoạt động đầu tư kinh doanh của Chúng tôi tại Việt Nam.”


    “Lawlink Vietnam has helped us restructuring our strategies in strategic management and finance, licensing our intellectual properties and that allowed us to expand our market reach, develop three important strategic alliances, and improve our profitability by 56% last year. Thuy was not only responsive to returning every call within the hour, but she managed to get her team of attorneys to work non-stop, through an entire weekend to close our deal within the tight time-frames it required. ”


    “Internationally oriented, and constantly working on expanding and improving service to clients, Lawlink has never failed to live up to our expectations. Helping out our business on several occasions when running into (legal) issues in Vietnam, we can't give less than a glowing recommendation in this testimonial. After several years of representing us, we consider Lawlink a vital part in the way we do business in Vietnam. We have even expanded our network with the help of the firm. Moreover, we are very happy with our relationship with this firm, both professionally and personally”.


    “Up until last Autumn we used an accounting firm for all of our tax work. It was first time we came to Lawlink Vietnam for solutions regarding to business models and tax issues. Initially, I thought the firm’s fee quote was rather steep, but now in retrospect I have come to realize what would have been extremely expensive, is if we had retained a firm who had only limited experience with these kinds of financing deals and wasted our precious time with us helping them learn the ropes. Lawlink definitely provided us with the best value. We get far more proactive tax counsel and believe that every company in our industry would benefit from similar advice.”


    “It was our first time coming to Vietnam and seeking for opportunities to set up our factories. We needed a law firm who can help us with all legal issues from leasing properties, building factories, financing projects to hiring talents. ..We finally were introduced to Lawlink Vietnam by Mr. Mitsumoto - CEO of Jesco VN. “Don’t waste your time. That’s definitely the firm you need”. Thanks to our friend, with the amazing effort from Thuy and her dynamic team, we got all the works settled up in the most efficient way, earlier than expected and managed the cost effectively”. Honestly, I feel it was my fortunate being introduced to Lawlink Vietnam. The firm is one of a few names in the short list of local law firms who can meet Japanese standard. It will be my great honor to introduce Lawlink Vietnam to community of Japanese entrepreneurs”.

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